[Tex/LaTex] bibtex display URL in reference


I am trying to display a URL in a reference using the bibliography style ieeetr. According to here I can use the howpublished field in my bibtex entry, but it seems that this doesn't work for me. Here's my bibtex:

title = {Title},
author = {Paul},    
Note = {version 1.6.0},
howpublished = {\textit{Available at \url{http://www.qqq.com}}}

and here my tex file:

Citation:  \cite{XXXX}.

The bibliography looks like this after pdflatex and bibtex:

[1] Paul, Title. version 1.6.0.

but no URL. Does anyone see what could be the problem?

By the way, unfortunately I cannot use biblatex because the compilation must be running on multiple computers with standard latex installation.

However, I would be open to other bibliography styles if this would be a solution!

Best Answer

The bibliography style - ieeetr in your case - is responsible for choosing which fields to include in each entry of the bibliography. It seems that the howpublished field is not included for manuals.

How about just putting the url in the note field, like this:

title = {Title},
author = {Paul},    
note = {Available at \url{http://www.qqq.com}, version 1.6.0}

Alternatively, as user Dukeatcoding suggests above, you could use a different bibliography style that supports an url field.


See: ftp://tug.ctan.org/pub/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/IEEEtran/bibtex/IEEEtran_bst_HOWTO.pdf