[Tex/LaTex] BibTex: citing IEEE standard


My downloaded citation looks like this:

journal={IEEE Std. 1516-2000}, title={IEEE Standard for Modeling and Simulation (M Amp;S) High Level Architecture (HLA) - Framework and Rules}, 
month={ }, 
pages={i -22}, 
keywords={Keywords: architecture, class attribute, federate, federation, federation execution, federation object model, framework, high level architecture, instance attribute, interaction class, joined federate, object class, object model template, rules, runtime infrastructure, simulation object model;}, 

After typesetting, it looks like this:

[1] Ieee standard for modeling and simulation (m amp;s) high level archi- tecture (hla) – framework and rules. IEEE Std. 1516-2000, pages i –22, 2000.

But I was wondering whether it should look like this:

[2] IEEE Std 1516-2000. IEEE Standard for Modeling and Simulation (M&S) High Level Architecture (HLA) – Framework and Rules. Technical report, IEEE.

The later one was found while I was reading someone else's bibliography, and I think it just looks better than mine (for example it has M&S instead of m amp;s). However I wasn't sure about this.

So which one is better, [1] or [2]? Is there a rule?

Best Answer

The difference comes from the protection of the data fields. If you wish to keep the original format you need to put one extra pair of braces around the capitalizations etc.

IEEE Download Citation mechanism spits out these odd BibTeX entries and it's certainly not acceptable as you have found out. So there is almost always some work to do after downloading from IEEE, e.g., journal names comes out as journal={some journal, IEEE Transactions on} and you have to revert it each time.

journal={IEEE Std. 1516-2000}, 
title={{IEEE Standard for Modeling and Simulation {(M\&S)} High Level Architecture {(HLA)} - Framework and Rules}}, 
pages={i -22}, 

\title{IEEE article}
\author{Theman Dlegend}

\lipsum[1]See \cite{893287} for more info 

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