[Tex/LaTex] bibstyle for the Nature journal


I'm writing a manuscript to submit to this journal, and I'm using bibtex. Problem is: I can't find any bibliography style files that comply to the demands of the journal. Does anyone know if there's a format for that?

The format requires (for articles being cited):

  • Last-name-first authors, with abbreviated first names: Dylan, B. & Doe, J.
  • Full title, only first word capitalized, no italic, ending with a full stop: This is a title.
  • Name of the journal in italics: Nature
  • Volume number (and comma) in bold: 323,
  • Followed by page and (in curved brakets) year.

So it would end up like this
Dylan, B. & Doe, J. This is a title. Nature 323, 89-92 (1999)

Does anyone know of a bibstyle that complies to these rules?

Best Answer

For the traditional BibTeX approach, there is the naturemag style, part of the nature package. Just use:


If you want to use biblatex, then I have written a style (hopefully) doing the right thing there: biblatex-nature.