[Tex/LaTex] Bibliography with page numbers


In GKP's Concrete Mathematics, there is a useful and interesting feature I would like to see in more books. The bibliography entries include:

  • a – the page numbers where the book or article is cited in the document.

  • b – a few lines of review of the cited work.

It is a kind of mix between bibliography, index and review.

Are there stable LaTeX packages/BibTeX styles to do (a) and (b) ?

EDIT: I wrote (b) initially as "comments about the work cited". It could be understood as "gathering comments made in the book about the work and reproducing them in the bibliography". This is not what I meant but this could be something useful for others.

Best Answer

For (a) use the backref package together with your bibliography setup (natbib, etc.)

With hyperlinks:

\hypersetup{<your setup params>}

or without hyperref

\usepackage{url}% for url's in bib

Then set the back references in a more readable format

    \ifcase #1 (Not cited.)%
    \or        (Cited on page~#2.)%
    \else      (Cited on pages~#2.)%

Note that you need 3 Latex runs to set everything properly!

For the (b) part you would need something similar so the backref functionality that will link it to a citation and then add a page number(s) to the \bibitem block. This is quite difficult but it can be done (a todo project when there is time available ;-)

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