[Tex/LaTex] Bibliography: natbib, apa-style and apacite


At the beginning I used


and I really like the author-year notation. The result looks fine, but it's English and this time my seminar thesis is written in german. Within the text and the bibliography I need to change the conjunction "and" into "und", and substitute some more vocab like "pages, volume" etc.

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There were some suggestions to this issue and the most promising is:


I only need two implementations:

  • a cite-version "Smith et al. (2000)" in running text
  • and a citep-version "(Smith et al., 2000)" in parathesis

At the moment the apacite-solution alternative citet doesnt work for me, so all my \cite-refs are missing (questions marks within my text).

Another small but important issue are two options for the \citep

  • \citep[zitiert nach:][S. 6]{sedlacek2011economics}

Doesn't work anymore. On the other hand a minimal example works very well for me:


\usepackage[colorlinks, linkcolor = black, citecolor = black, filecolor = black, urlcolor = black, pdfborder ={0 0 0}, pdfstartview={FitH}, bookmarksopenlevel=1]{hyperref}  
\hypersetup{colorlinks=true, linkcolor=black}       



I test my syntax with cite like this \cite{beck2014behavioral} and \citet{nudge2008}. And the citep command with \cite[S. 10]{nudge2008}. This also works with double citation \cite[zitiert nach:][S. 10]{nudge2008}



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My main-file blg. report doesn't list any mistakes. I still try to figure out the MWE/mainfile difference ..

Thank you

Best Answer

Assuming you want to stick with natbib-style citation commands and BibTeX and wish to adhere to the current set of formatting guidelines of the APA, you may want to look into (a) loading the apacite package with the option natbibapa and (b) specifying apacite as the bibliography style. Passing the option natbibapa to the apacite package ensures that you can continue to use \citet and \citep.

Assuming you're also loading the babel package with the option ngerman, this setup should give you German-based citation call-outs and bibliography formatting features.

After making these changes, be sure (a) to delete all aux files and (b) rerun LaTeX, BibTeX, and LaTeX twice more so that the changes are propagated fully.

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%% Set up 3 test entries
  author  = "Anne Author",
  title   = "Thoughts",
  journal = "Circularity Today",
  year    = 3001,
  volume  = 1,
  number  = 2,
  pages   = "3--4",
  author  = "Anne Author and Bert Buthor",
  title   = "Further Thoughts",
  journal = "Circularity Today",
  year    = 3005,
  volume  = 5,
  number  = 6,
  pages   = "7--8",
  author  = "Anne Author and Bert Buthor and Carla Cuthor",
  title   = "Final Thoughts",
  journal = "Circularity Today",
  year    = 3009,
  volume  = 9,
  number  = 10,
  pages   = "11--12",




\citet{a}, \citet{b}, \citet{c}

\citep{a}, \citep{b}, \citep{c}