[Tex/LaTex] Biblatex: submitting to a journal


Suppose that I moved from BibTeX to biblatex. With BibTeX I just copied the content of .bbl file into final version of my paper before submitting it to a journal. What should I do at same stage having .bbl file produced by biblatex? It is of quite different format.

Best Answer

This is a well-known problem, but a little workaround has recently been created: CTAN, GitLab


In preamble, after the biblatex package is loaded via \usepackage[...]{biblatex}:


At the very end of document:


The desired bibitems will be written directly to the PDF file.

When it's time to switch to bibitems (e.g. before sending the paper to the journal), just copy them to your .tex file, remove biblatex commands and load cite package.

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