[Tex/LaTex] Biblatex only works with [backend=bibtex]


I have following problem and I can not find a solution for hours. I tried to use bliblatex, but without [backend=bibtex] it does not work and it says:

! Undefined control sequence. <argument> ...docsvlist \expandafter
{\bbl@loaded }\ifboolexpr { not test {\... l.13 \begin{document} The
control sequence at the end of the top line of your error message was
never \def'ed. If you have misspelled it (e.g., `\hobx'), type `I' and
the correct spelling (e.g., `I\hbox'). Otherwise just continue, and
I'll forget about whatever was undefined.

I used PDFLaTeX -> BibTex -> PDFLaTeX. BibTex said:

Process started

This is BibTeX, Version 0.99d (MiKTeX 2.9) The top-level auxiliary
file: text.aux I found no \citation commands---while reading file
text.aux I found no \bibdata command---while reading file text.aux I
found no \bibstyle command---while reading file text.aux (There were 3
error messages)

Process exited normally

My code:

\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} % UTF8
\usepackage[ngerman]{babel} % Deutsch
\usepackage[T1]{fontenc} % Umlaute für deutsche Sprache erlaubt 
\usepackage{times} % biegt die Schriftarten schöner um

\usepackage{csquotes}               %benötigt für biblatex






My bibliography.bib is:

 author = {Kant, Immanuel},
 title = {Werkausgabe}, 
 publisher = {Hg. v. Wilhelm Weischedel. Suhrkamp}, 
 address = {Frankfurt am Main},
 year = {1974},

I more or less new to LaTeX (and Texmaker), so it is quite possible that I have missed something obvious.

I've read that there could be a problem regarding UTF8 or perhaps the language pack. I even deleted German "ö" and "ä" in the .bib.

Thank you for your help!

Best Answer

As you mentioned in one of your comments you are using MIKTeX version 3.1415926-2.3-1.40.12. The current version of MiKTeX is version 3.1415926-2.3-1.40.17, so your MiKTeX is not up to date!

Please update your TeX distribution! Best would be to install the complete MiKTeX, then you should have no problem running biber ...