[Tex/LaTex] Biblatex: Have only one author in citation — multiple articles with same first author, different year



title = {A fine title},
year = {1899},
author = {An Author and Another Bauthor and Yeta Cauthor},
journal = {Madness}
title = {The best title},
year = {1905},
author = {An Author and More Dauthors and Whois Thisauthor and Heis Thatauthor},
journal = {Insanity}


\parencite{author99} \\ \parencite{author05}.


output of above code

As you can see from the image, when the first author is identical, two of the authors are printed in the citation, even if the year of the articles are different. I don't want this, but only the one author, e.g.

(Author et al. 1899)
(Author et al. 1905)

I've tried setting maxcitenames=1, but that didn't make any difference. Is it it possible to achieve this?

I'm running TeXlive 2010 on Windows 7, Biblatex version 1.4b with Biber 0.9.

Best Answer

The observed behaviour is indeed an effect of the full name (and name list) disambiguation introduced in biblatex v1.4. In your example, you partially disabled name disambiguation with the package option uniquename=init, but name list disambiguation is still in effect. To achieve the desired behaviour, add the option uniquelist=false. See the release notes of biblatex for details and instructive examples.