[Tex/LaTex] biblatex: displaying all authors of multi-author works in the bibliography


I'm using the biblatex package to add citations and a bibliography to my LaTeX document. I've noticed that only the first author plus "et al." is displayed for works with more than three authors. That's fine with me for in-text-citations, but I'd rather have the complete author information in the bibliography. How can I do that?

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Simply set the package option maxbibnames=99 in the preamble.


There are also other options:

  • minalphanames: the minimum number of alphabetic authors to be displayed.

  • minbibnames: the minimum number of authors displayed in bibliography.

  • mincitenames: the minimum number of authors displayed in citations.

  • minnames: sets both minbibnames and mincitenames

  • maxalphanames: the maximum number of alphabetic authors to be displayed.

  • maxbibnames: the maximum number of authors displayed in bibliography.

  • maxcitenames: the maximum number of authors displayed in citations.

  • maxnames: sets both maxbibnames and maxcitenames. Default value is 3.


biblatex 1.1, which was released on January 5th, 2011, introduced the options maxbibnames, minbibnames, maxcitenames and mincitenames (settable in the document preamble and in the configuration file biblatex.cfg).

biblatex 1.6, which was released on July 29th, 2011, "removed the local max/minnames and max/minitems options from \printbibliography and friends to enforce consistency. Please use the global options instead." (Release notes)


The maximum number of displayed authors - both for in-text-citations and the bibliography - is controlled by the option maxnames (with a default value of 3). To show all authors only in the bibliography, don't change the value of maxnames in the document preamble, but use the optional argument of \printbibliography instead: Type


at the place in your document where you want the bibliography to appear.

If you want all bibliographies (and lists of shorthands) in all your LaTeX documents to display the complete author information, instead of typing [maxnames=99] every time, you can add the following code to the configuration file biblatex.cfg:


Note that is a hack which uses internal biblatex commands and hopefully will be replaced by a proper package option in a later version of biblatex (the current version is 0.9b). (\patchcmd derives from the etoolbox package, which is loaded automatically by biblatex.)

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