[Tex/LaTex] biblatex-apa: full first names in the bibliography


Some publishers prefer the APA citation style in a modified way and do not want any initials for authors' and editors' names in the bibliography. According to the
biblatex-apa handbook, this is made possible by using the firstinits=false option. Unfortunately this does not work for me:


  Title = {{D}oes correctional treatment work? {A} clinically relevant and psychologically informed meta-analysis},
  Author = {Andrews, Don A. and Zinger, Ivan and Hoge, Robert D. and Bonta, James and Gendreau, Paul and Cullen, Francis T.},
  Journal = {Criminology},
  Pages = {369-404},
  Volume = {28},
  Year = {1990},


This produces the standard APA formatting:


Best Answer

This isn't possible in the biblatex-apa style. firstinits is a generic biblatex option which doesn't really fit into the APA style and so APA specific things have to be done in the style itself. For example, full names are sometimes given in a very APA-specific format, see APA examples in section 6.27 of the APA manual. Supporting these means it is very hard if not impossible to support a generic firstinits option. I often get requests to make the APA style support other options but it's meant to be an APA style and this means the code has to do specific APA things which make genericity impossible in some areas. You can always override style code to make it do what you want - that's the nice thing about biblatex.