[Tex/LaTex] Biblatex 2.7 and \DefineBibliographyStrings


I downloaded the latest version 2.7. If I use

    url={Disponível em: },%

namedash and volumeof work, but url and shorthands don't (either using babel or polyglossia).

Version 2.5 works without problems (I don't even need to specify "shorthands").

Is there anything I can do to make it work with 2.7?

Best Answer

In all versions but 2.5, biblatex.def uses the default url field format:


To use the format from 2.5, drop the punctuation in your url string definition and add the following to your preamble:


In historian.cbx the style imposes unabbreviated strings with:


You can revert back to abbreviated strings by loading biblatex with abbreviate=true. Or define shorthands with the abbreviated string by default, as you've done via \DefineBibliographyStrings

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