[Tex/LaTex] \bfseries bolds more than intended


Been using the \bfseries lately, instead of \textbf and those, because I learned that they were deprecated in newer versions.

Anyway, the \bfseries bolds the rest of my document, even though I'm using curly braces.


\bfseries{This is meant to be bolded}
While this is not meant to be bolded, yet still, it is.

It works just fine within other environments, like tabulars and such. It seems like an \end command stops it from bolding more, but if I use it regularly in the document, it just messes it up.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Best Answer

Here are some ways to bold a text (and only this text, not the following part of the document):

\textbf{Text to bold}
{\bfseries Text to bold}
\bfseries Text to bold \mdseries

One can also mention this one but it is not recommended since bfseries is not an environment. However it works...

\begin{bfseries} Text to bold \end{bfseries}

In math-mode, use the bm package: