[Tex/LaTex] beamer shrink note pages


Beamers shrink is evil, but I want to use it on my notes-pages. (As a reminder: shrink automatically reduces the font-size so that all text fits on a slide). I use \note as a separate command after each frame (I prefer that to inline notes). Sometimes there is too much text to fit on the notes-page. Is there a way to shrink the text on the notes-page?

\setbeameroption{show only notes}
\begin{frame}{A frame}
With not so much text

\item Instead,
\item I
\item Have
\item A
\item Lot
\item I
\item Want
\item To
\item Say
\item And
\item Explain

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If there is no way to do this, plan B may be to reduce the font size for all \note-pages. But not for the slides themselves!

Best Answer

A note page isn't implemented as a normal beamer frame, but typeset using its own code which can be found in beamerbasenotes.sty (cf. \beamer@outsideframenote, ll. 59-103). Therefore, using normal frame options like shrink or allowframebreaks isn't possible.