[Tex/LaTex] Back to use the original \forall symbol


I'm currently using Math Time Pro2, but considering the \forall and \exists is not suitable for my liking. How can I change back to the origin LaTeX \forall and \exists symbol?

One more question, is that is there a more-straight (double) (left) right arrow? (I mean, in the "head" of the arrow) The \rightarrow-like symbol all have curly embellishment, which I don't want.

Best Answer

You can load a math symbol font:


\let\mtproforall\forall % just for the comparison
\let\mtproexists\exists % just for the comparison



$\forall x\,\exists y$

$\mtproforall x\,\mtproexists y$


Look at the comparison and decide whether you really want the change.

enter image description here