[Tex/LaTex] babel, beamer problem: refuse name change to part


I wanted to change the name in my beamer slide from Part to Theme.

So in the Google BOK if found:


I could not get to work. Then I start to switch off (%) everything that I added and found that:


is the holder of the key.









Is there a way to get passed this?

Best Answer

This has obviously to do with how babel manages the "fixed tags" such as \partname.

It stores them in a macro called \captions<language> (in this case \captionsenglish) that is executed as part of




The \selectlanguage command for the main language of the document is issued together \begin{document}. Thus your \renewcommand does nothing, because it's overridden by what's done by \selectlanguage{english}.

babel has a provision for this:


is what you're looking for.

Also \AtBeginDocument{\renewcommand{\partname}{Theme}} would work unless you load babel with more than one language and issue some \selectlanguage command in the document. To make an example:


Something in English.

Parole in italiano.

End in English.


would result in

Theme I

Something in English.

Parole in italiano

Part II

End in English.

This wouldn't happen with the \addto\captionsenglish approach.

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