[Tex/LaTex] avoid that figure gets its own page


I have a couple of floats in my document, which contain large Images (it consumes the half of the page). In this case, the figure get's its own page and no text goes on this page.

How can I configure this? I'd like to have text before and after the floats until the float doesn't use more then 75% of the page height.

Best Answer

I didn't have had success with the \topfraction, but there is another important setting which gave me less float-only pages. With \renewcommand{\floatpagefraction}{.8}% I was able to specify that only pages with more than 80% of floats, will become pure float-only pages. The default is 0.6 so if a figure consumes 60% of the page it will get its own float-page.

HTH math.

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