[Tex/LaTex] Automatically created Sub-folder


I've problem for days but I can't find the solution

After compiling, the DVI file couldn't opened. a folder named BUILD auto created on the same directory, it contains all the other files like .aux, .dvi, …

here is the message:

No such file or directory
This is dvips(k) 5.992 Copyright 2012 Radical Eye Software (http://www.radicaleye.com) dvips: DVI file can't be opened:
Process exited with error(s)

When opening this BUILD folder, of course I can open the dvi, pdf file… (the tex.file hasn't errors)

I tried to reinstall the latest version of MiKTeX and TeXmaker, GS, GSview, and the problem isn't fixed.

How to make it back normal (DVI, PS, PDF, … shown in the same folder), please?
(I'm using MiKTeX version 2.9)

Best Answer

Starting from TeXmaker 3.4 version

"an option "Use a 'build' subdirectory for output files" has been added for the (pdf)latex command (the "--output-directory=build" parameter will be automatically added to the (pdf)latex command and texmaker will search the log and pdf files into this subdirectory - see the user manual for more details)" - from changelog

Open TeXmaker: go to Options --> Configure --> Uncheck Use "build" subdirectory for output files otherwise all output files will go to subdirectory.

Note: In future, refer first TeXmaker documentation, changelog and it's issue tracker before posting here