[Tex/LaTex] Automatic completion of common functions in TeXShop


Is there a way to allow TeXShop complete common functions to avoid typing the same word multiple times ?

For example, when you type \sub , TeXShop would automatically provide options to complete the word for you. So that you type \sub – [ Press TAB ] – \subsection ..

I find it tedious to type down common functions repeatedly.

Best Answer

According to About TeXShop (available here)

"Auto completion is user configurable. To configure, open the file ˜/Library/TeXShop/Keyboard/autocompletion.plist with TeXShop. Read the comments at the top, edit appropriately to redefine Landweber’s choices or add your own, and save. Be sure to edit and save in UTF-8 format if you use Unicode characters".

The source editor supports command completion. Type the first few letters of a word and hit the escape key. The remaining letters will be entered. Hitting escape again will cycle through all possible completions.

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