[Tex/LaTex] Author year citation


I have looking for how to cite the author and year in a sentence with reference to my bibliography list. I already used some Natbib styles, but no result of what I want.

This is my main file: thesis.tex


%Enabled packages
\usepackage{fancyhdr} %something with the header and footer
\usepackage{graphicx} %enables easy graphics embedding


My .bib file is called references.bib containing one example:

author = "Astrid Hermanns",
title = "Psychology Management in Organizations",
publisher = "Cengage Learning EMEA",
year = "2012"

The place where I put the citation in the sentence is (as example) abstract.tex:

%Disable fancy page style
\noindent This is the place for the abstract\citeauthor{hermanns2012}

This is an image of the output of the pdf file

enter image description here

Instead of the "author?" I want the lastname of the author and the year as a citation there, like "This is the place for the abstract (Hermanns, 2012)"

Furtermore, I want that the books/reports/etc in the bibliography is sorted on alphabetical order, by starting with the lastname of the auther instead of a number.

Anyone suggestions of how to solve this issues?

Best Answer

You need to include your biblography file as follows:

\bibliographystyle{apalike} %or any other style you like

And then cite your reference using \cite{hermanss2012}

See the example below:


\noindent This is the place for the abstract\cite{hermanns2012}

\bibliography{test}           % Or whatever path and filename your bibtex is located
\bibliographystyle{apalike}   % Or any other style you like


enter image description here