[Tex/LaTex] Author e-mail in title page in revtex4-1


I am using revtex4-1 with the following document class

\documentclass[prb,aps,twocolumn,longbibliography, linenumbers,amsmath,amsmath,amssymb]{revtex4-1}

With this setting, the author e-mail address appears in the bibliography.

\author{Albert Einstein}
\affiliation{Swiss patent office}

How can I make it appear on the title page as a footnote?

Best Answer

The class option prbloads the style of Phys. Rev. B, which among other things does


If you are publishing with that journal then you shouldn't change their format. On the other hand, if you are using revtex4-1 as generic class without the purpose of submitting your paper to PRB you can remove the class option prb, which will select the default pra and put the email as footnote.

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