[Tex/LaTex] Asymptote: Transparency causes strange color rendering in Adobe Acrobat


I noticed that using transparency in a picture that's compiled as vector graphic output (render=0, no PRC) leads to strange colors (they look paler and desaturated) when the resulting picture is viewed with Adobe Acrobat (I use version X). When I view the output PDF with SumatraPDF everything looks fine. An Example:


path cle=unitcircle;



Comparison of erroneous PDF viewed with Adobe Acrobat (left) and SumatraPDF (right)

On the left hand side you see the picture viewed with Adobe Acrobat and on the right hand side you see the picture viewed with SumatraPDF.

When I leave out the opacity settings everything looks fine:

Comparison of errorless PDF viewed with Adobe Acrobat (left) and SumatraPDF (right)

I encountered such an issue before when using opacity in a picture created by TikZ and think the problem might be connected to that (There seems to be some trouble with transparency groups in Adobe Acrobat). Here is a way to solve this problem in a TikZ picture. How can the coloring issue be solved in Asymptote?

Best Answer

I can see this difference between Adobe Reader XI(v11.0.5) and SumatraPDF v2.3.2, but only when Adobe Reader setting Edit->Preferences->Page Display->Default Transparency Blending Color Space is set to Working CMYK. When it is set to Working RGB, the pictures looks almost identical.

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