[Tex/LaTex] Arrange three images


I need to arrange three figures in a two column document as follows

figure arrangement

Best Answer


You did not tell us about the individual/main captions and/or references. I decided to throw that in as well.

Basic Idea

  1. For a two column document use the option [twocolumn] with the \documentclass.

  2. Create a two column table (outer table). Put another single column table in the first column. Put the first two images (A and B) as the two rows of the inner table. Put the third image (B) in the second column of the outer table.

  3. Use subcaption to take care of captions and labels. (This answer helps.)

The Solution



\usepackage{lipsum} % For dummy text only


  \caption{A, B and C.}



The Output

enter image description here

Further Tweaking

Change the 0.4\columnwidths to tweak image sizes. Watch for overfull boxes.