[Tex/LaTex] Animation using a sequence of images in a single pdf file


I have a sequence of images in one pdf file. The first page in the pdf corresponds to the first step in the animation, the second page corresponds to the second step in the animation and in general, the n th page corresponds to the n th step in the animation. I want to run this animation from he pdf file in a single beamer frame and run the animation with a gap of 1 second between each page of the pdf. How do I go about doing this? I use pdflatex. Let us say the pdf file has 100 pages and each page contains the image sequentially for the animation and the name of the pdf file is animation.pdf.

Best Answer

You can use the animate package to do this:






The syntax is the following:

\animategraphics[<options>]{<frames per second>}{<name without extension>}{<first frame>}{<last frame>}

If you don't specify <first frame> or <last frame>, the first respectively last page are used. In the given example the <options> make the animation looping continuosely. Other things, as control buttons (start, stop etc.) are possible, please refer to the manual for more options.

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