[Tex/LaTex] \animategraphics cuts image


My image works perfectly with \includegraphics:


but when I include it with \animategrahics


… approximately the lower half of the image is cut off.

Whats wrong ?

Best Answer

There are two pitfalls in using the latex-->dvips-->ps2pdf workflow. Both of them are explained in the Bugs section of the animate documentation.

  1. The dvips option -Ppdf must be either omitted entirely or extended by appending option -D1200. This sets a sensible DVI resolution (which is only relevant for Type-3 pixel-font generation by MetaFont).

    Some (La)TeX-aware editors, such as TeXnicCenter use the dvips commandline option -Ppdf by default. Check the preferences of the editor.

  2. The unscaled graphics must not exceed the document page dimensions. Otherwise parts of the graphics may be cropped away during ps2pdf conversion. Resize Postscript graphics files using the epsffit commandline tool as explained in the animate doc, if needed. epsffit is part of TeX-Live.

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