[Tex/LaTex] Animate multiple sequences of images side by side


Say I have 2 sequences of images imA-1.png,imA-2.png,…,imA-n.png and imB-1.png,…imB-n.png . I would like to use something like xmpmulti's \multiinclude, but the following prints the imA sequence alone and then imA-n.png side by side with the entire imB sequence:




Any suggestions for how to get imA-1.png with imB-1.png, imA-2.png with imB-2.png, and so forth?

Best Answer

If I get right what you want to do, you should try to use \animategraphics, which is in the animate package. It works simply like that, for your problem

    \animategraphics[autoplay, width=1.\textwidth]{3}{imA-}{1}{n}
    \animategraphics[autoplay, width=1.\textwidth]{3}{imB-}{1}{n}

You pass some arguments in the brackets (autoplay to have it starting automatically, you can use loop to have it looping etc.), the second argument is the number of frames per second (here it is 3), then it is the "root" of the name of your images, and finally the starting and ending indices.