[Tex/LaTex] Angular frequency in siunitx


When using siunitx, is there an intuitive way to type angular frequencies with the prefix 2\pi \times? The provided example

\SI{2\pi x 100}{\mega\hertz}

enter image description here

So is there a neat way to supress the first unit?

Best Answer


${2\pi \times \SI{100}{\mega\hertz}}$

Or this:

\newcommand*{\angfreq} [2] {2\pi \times \SI{#1}{#2\hertz}}
\angfreq{5}{\mega} % gives "2pi x 5 Mhz"
\angfreq{8}{\kilo} % gives "2pi x 8 khz"

With both ways you avoid situations where product-units=single as a global option would give wrong results on other values and you avoid repeating this option on every single angular frequency when not using it as a global option.