[Tex/LaTex] Aligning the right parts in multiple \begin{cases}


Is there an intelligent way to left-align the parts right of & of the two cases environments shown below (if x >= 0, otherwise, if y < 0, otherwise). I wonder if there is a better way than using manual spaces:

 u(x) &=
   0        & \text{if } x \geq 0 \\
   1        & \text{otherwise}
 \tau &=
   a+b+c+d  & \text{if } y < 0 \\
   1        & \text{otherwise}

alt text

Best Answer

You can use the solutions to an earlier question, just exchanging the order of the statements.

Another solution is to use the mathtools package and use something like \mathrlap0\hphantom{a+b+c+d} in place of your 0.

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