[Tex/LaTex] Align left-aligned formula at two points


I would like to get this WITHOUT using tables, because in my real equations there are fractions included that are scaled down in tables

y    =2

My code looks as follows:

&y    &=2

But it doesn't work. I tried thousands of things such as flalign and so on. But nothing works. I am really frustrated. Any ideas?

Best Answer

You can use "big fractions" also inside array; using the array package helps, so say


in your preamble. Then you can use

a+b+c &= y           \\
y     &= \frac{2}{3}

just as a single (math) object that you can put anywhere you like. Adding \vphantom{\frac{2}{3}} before the \\ in the first row can help spacing.

enter image description here

For example, with

    a+b+c &= y           \vphantom{\frac{2}{3}}\\
    y     &= \frac{2}{3}

you'll get the object flush with the left margin.