[Tex/LaTex] Align definition of variables of an equation right (not next to the equation)


this question has been asked before but I never saw a "perfect" solution for this problem.

I use the equation block for my equations and I want the definition of the variables to show at the right, next to the equation number, not next to the equation. I have managed this (by accident) for two of my equations that stand together in one align block.

right alignment

f(n) &= 8,199 \times 10^{-6} n + 8,418 & \{n \in \mathbb{N}\} \label{equ:Laufzeit} \\
t_e &\leq \frac{t_i}{5} & \{t_e \in \mathbb{Q}^+\},\;\{t_i \in \mathbb{N}\;|\;5f(n) \leq t_i \leq +\infty\} \label{equ:MinInterval}

But for my other equation i can't make it work…I think it would look "cleaner" if they would all align right

wrong alignment

t_e \leq \frac{t_i}{5} \quad \{t_e \in \mathbb{Q}^+\},\;\{t_i \in \mathbb{N}\} \label{equ:MaxAusf├╝hrungszeit}

Its just a style thing so not that urgent but I would like to know if there is a sulution.

Tanks ­čÖé

Best Answer

You can try with flalign



\noindent Some equations:
&& f(n) &= 8,199 \times 10^{-6} n + 8,418 & \{n \in \mathbb{N}\} \label{equ:Laufzeit} \\
&& t_e &\leq \frac{t_i}{5} & \{t_e \in \mathbb{Q}^+\},\;\{t_i \in \mathbb{N}\;|\;5f(n) \leq t_i \leq +\infty\} \label{equ:MinInterval}

&& t_e \leq \frac{t_i}{5} && \{t_e \in \mathbb{Q}^+\},\;\{t_i \in \mathbb{N}\} \label{equ:MaxAusf├╝hrungszeit}


enter image description here

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