[Tex/LaTex] Adjoint functors with tikz-cd


I'd like to construct diagrams such as

enter image description here,

preferably with tikz-cd, but I've no idea where to start. Please help 🙂

EDIT: This is what I have so far.

\mathbf{C} \arrow[bend left=35]{r}[name=F]{F} & \mathbf{D}\arrow[bend left=35]{l}[name=U]{U}
\arrow[to path=(F) -- (U)]{d}{\vdash}

I've tried a few variations but I can't figure out how to get \vdash (or \bot , whichever).

Best Answer

A minor point on Qrrbrbirlbel's answer: the \dashv should be rotated. This can be done as follows:


\arrow[r, "F"{name=F}, bend left=25] &
\arrow[l, "U"{name=G}, bend left=25]
%--- Adjunction Symbol
\arrow[phantom, from=F, to=G, "\dashv" rotate=-90, no line]


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