[Tex/LaTex] Adding a “take away” box to a beamer slide


In Powerpoint presentations (especially with slides produced by consultants), it's common to add a box at the bottom of a slide that indicates the main point.

What would be some LaTeX code for adding such a box? I would want it to have a fixed-position on the page and a colored fill with a constant font. Some like

enter image description here

Best Answer

Here's one possibility; the idea is to place a beamercolorbox at the desired fixed location, using TikZ. In every frame that should receive a "take away" box, simply use \insertimptext{<text>}:


\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
\node[inner sep=0pt,outer sep=0pt,anchor=south] at ([yshift=20pt]current page.south)
{\begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=0.65\paperwidth,ht=3ex,dp=2ex,center]{author in head/foot}


\frametitle{Test frame with box}
\insertimptext{Some important text associated with this frame. \\ Short texts are better}

\frametitle{Test frame without box}


enter image description here

Feel free to make the necessary adjustments according to your needs.