[Tex/LaTex] Add JEL codes in SVJour3 document class


I am recently using document class of svjour3, as recommended by Finance and Stochastics to submit my paper. However I need to add JEL classification codes in abstract section.

After checking the SVJour3 document class user guide, still I cannot figure out how to add JEL code. Since both the document class and the JEL codes are required by the journal, I believe there is a way to do that. Please help!

Best Answer

Simply override the \PACSname in your preamble as follows:

\renewcommand{\PACSname}{\textbf{JEL classification}\enspace}

Then, in your abstract use the \PACS command:

\PACS{JEL code1 \and JEL code2 \and ...}

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