[Tex/LaTex] Add both a vertical side caption and a normal caption to a picture


Is it possible to add a caption to the side of the picture, written vertically in small size (for the credits), while below the picture is the normal caption?

enter image description here

Minor issue: why is it that if I write


        {(c) Someone}

the caption goes further away from the picture, while if I just replace [width=\textwidth]{pic} with [width=.9\textwidth]{pic} it comes out at the usual distance?

Best Answer

The copyrightbox package is done precisely for that:

\usepackage{caption, copyrightbox}
\captionsetup{justification = centering}


  \copyrightbox[l]{\includegraphics[scale=0.8]{ernst_vierge}}{Museum Ludwig, Köln}
  \caption{La Vierge corrigeant l’enfant Jésus devant trois témoins\,\\\textit{Max Ernst} (1891--1976)}


enter image description here