[Tex/LaTex] add border margin into beamer frame body


In default, beamer class loads the geometry package. And I dont know how to map the \paperwidth and \textwidth to its mechanism. My requirement is very simple. I want to add some margin to {top, left, bottom, right}. Do you know how to do that?

For simplification, I upload a sketch image:

enter image description here

Can I do this with \setbeamersize command?

Edit: Thank you for your answer. But can I do this with no walk-around way. I mean can I just customize beamer class. I also need to separate header/body/footer to customize. I dont want to cron them or zoom them as whole document

Best Answer

You could use \geometry plus the crop package. This way, beamer will assume a smaller paper size and correctly place frame titles, header/footer etc.

EDIT: In the following example, I have kept beamer's original paper size of 128*96mm for crop, while reducing the width and height by 10mm each for beamer/\geometry. One could also increase the width and height used by crop and retain the original values for beamer/\geometry (by simply omitting the respective code line).

EDIT 2: For different top/bottom margins one may replace crop's center option with its underlying code and tinker with the \voffset length.



% The following is moelled on `crop`'s `center` option
\voffset.33\voffset% instead of .5\voffset


\begin{frame}{Frame title}
Some text.


enter image description here