[Tex/LaTex] Add algorithm label to list of algorithms

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I'm using the classicthesis package along with the algorithmic package.

I'm trying to get the list of algorithms to look the same as the list of figures/tables etc., but cant find a way to make it appear as:

Algorithm 1.1        First Algorithm
Algorithm 1.2        Second Algorithm
Algorithm 1.3        Third Algorithm

Instead it appears as:

Figure 1.1        First Algorithm
Figure 1.2        Second Algorithm
Figure 1.3        Third Algorithm

Any ideas?

edit #1: I've tried the following from this suggested post

\renewcommand{\l@algocf}[2]{\oldl@algocf{Algorithm #1}{#2}}

But that gives a number of errors beggining with:

! Missing control sequence inserted.
<inserted text>
l.276 \let{
Please don't say `\def cs{...}', say `\def\cs{...}'.

I'm using the following algorithm packages:


One comment on that post suggested replacing l@algocf with l@algorithmcf but that gives similar errors

edit #2: As requested heres a simplified example that produces the listing without the algorithm label, note you need classicthesis.sty and classicthesis-config.tex in the build directory, they can be found here. A sample pdf produced with this code can be found here

\documentclass[ twoside,openright,titlepage,numbers=noenddot,headinclude,%1headlines,%         letterpaper a4paper
            footinclude=true,cleardoublepage=empty,abstractoff, % <--- obsolete, remove (todo)






% Frontmatter

% Mainmatter

\caption{Test Algorithm}
\For{$i \gets i + 1$}
\State $a = 2i$



Best Answer

You can try with


How classicthesis manages added lists is not completely without problems.