[Tex/LaTex] Acute/grave accents: upper case versus low case


The acute and grave accents on capital letters are more squat and flatter than on lower case letters. Compare \'A with \'a. What is the code for the squatter acute/grave on capitals if I want it insolation?

Rationale: I need capital letters with macron and acute/grave. If I put \'{} on top of \=A, then the letter is too tall for the interline spacing, partly because \'{} produces the 45-degree accent of \'a (and partly because the default height of the macron is too high).


If the difference between the accents of \'A, \'a isn't apparent, try superimposing
them: \makebox[0pt]{\'A}\makebox[0pt]{\raisebox{.6ex}{\'a}}\,\raisebox{.6ex}{\'a}.
See how the character on the left has a wedge (as opposed to the acute on the
right-hand \'a)?  The two accents don't exactly overlay, because the acute on
\'A is flatter.

wrong accents

Best Answer

You find the isolated acute accent used for capital letters in the encoding TS1, where it's called \capitalacute:

{\fontencoding{TS1}\selectfont\char 1}\char1

enter image description here

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