[Tex/LaTex] ACM Conference Paper Error – \normalsize is not defined


I am using the ACM template from http://www.acm.org/publications/article-templates/proceedings-template.html .

I get the error:

The font size command \normalsize is not defined: there is probably
something wrong with the class file.

My Document Begins like this:


I am modifying the sig-alternate.tex file (no explicitly named main file is there).

Best Answer

The document should start (like all latex documents)


You will get a warning

You have requested document class `sig-alternate-05-2015',
but the document class provides `sig-alternate'. 

which you can ignore, or to stop it, edit the \ProvidesClass line in the file to say sig-alternate-05-2015 or save the file as sig-alternate.cls and use


Probably best just to ignore the warning and complain to the conference organisers and they should fix that bug.