[Tex/LaTex] A symbol for the quotient of two objects


One often needs a symbol to denote the quotient of two (algebraic) objects (e.g. quotient by a subgroup, subring, submodule etc.). In simple cases people use A/B. But when both A and B are complicated to write, this doesn't look good. e.g. \mathcal{O}_{(V',0)}/\mathcal{O}_{(V,0)}

For some reason, people do not use just \frac{A}{B}. Is there some way to achieve the following:

$A$ raised a bit, then \Big/ then $B$ a bit lowered.

Best Answer

How about using \left, \right, and \raisebox?



which gives

alt text

The only problem is that I need to re-enter mathmode inside the \raiseboxes. Anyone know how to avoid that?