[Tex/LaTex] a “Overfull \hbox (9.89561pt too wide)”


I have this warnings around, some of them seems to be solved naturally but I never really understand what do they mean.

What this means?

Edit: I would like to keep the question in more general terms, but in this particular case the source code related to this warning is the following:

\item {\bf Finalização} onde são finalizados os histogramas, eventualmente traçadas curvas de ajuste \emph{(fit)} e guardados os resultados no disco.

Possible duplicate: This question solves the debug issue of this.

PS: Sorry if this question is quite newbie.

Best Answer

The allowed space between two words is given by the interwordspace (\fontdimen2\font) and interwordstretch (\fontdimen3\font). If it is not possible to set a paragraph with these lengths (with hyphenation) TeX will complain with a overfull or underfull box. Setting the \emergencystrech to a value greater than 0pt it can stretch the interwordspace to a bigger value. You can set this value individually or using \sloppy or the environment sloppypar

interwordspace: \the\fontdimen2\font \\

interwordstretch: \the\fontdimen3\font \\

emergencystretch: \the\emergencystretch\par

interwordspace: \the\fontdimen2\font \\

interwordstretch: \the\fontdimen3\font \\

emergencystretch: \the\emergencystretch\par


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