[Tex/LaTex] A MiKTeX update removed amsmath as obsolete – can I use another package or get it back


I have a problem with amsmath package. After an update this package was removed because it was obsolete. But what package can use instead of amsmath?

Best Answer

MiKTeX has reorganized the package amslatex. Therefore the update removes it:

Package update list

The package amslatex is split in amsmath and amscls. (Also there is a new package amslatex-primer):

"ams" packages in MiKTeX

However, the update has not installed the new packages automatically. Therefore I have installed them manually. For AmSLaTeX you need at least amsmath. It contains the package file amsmath.sty. amscls contains the AMS classes (amsbook.cls, …).

"ams" packages all installed

Finally the local repository database is synchronized by calling the MiKTeX Package Manager, menu item RepositorySynchronize, see comment of Ulrike Fischer.