[Tex/LaTex] A clean letter class for office use, including serial letters


I'm using LaTeX for writing corporate letters, including serials letters. To incorporate our organization's logo, back address and so on I put a single A4-sized PDF containing all this information into the background using the dinbrief class:


\setbottomtexttop{270mm}  % x from top of page
\bottomtext{\kern27mm%    % y from bottom of page; x+y=297mm = DIN A4 height
        \vbox to 0pt{\vss\hbox to 0pt{\kern-2.5cm

\begin{letter}{Prof. Drov Nuts\\St. Anford}

This seems somewhat hackish. Is there an alternative for a clean letter style? Most letter styles I've seen try to use LaTeX for placing fancy logos and back addresses which I think are much better included from a single nicely designed PDF. Are there any classes supporting this idea?

Edit: PDF letterhead as document background seems relevant here.

Best Answer

Use the »scrlttr2« class from the KOMA Script bundle. It supports serial letters and is very flexible. The manual has the details.