[Tex/LaTex] A better \pm symbol


I am looking for an alternate to the \pm symbol, and wondering if I am the only one bothered by it as I see that this has not been asked yet.

I have attempted to define one using my standard overkill solution using tikz. The one on the left is the standard \pm, and the one on the right is my version where there is a slight separation between the minus and the plus:

enter image description here

So, is there a better solution than that one I have. Or is there some typesetting standard that states that those two symbols are supposed to touch?




\newcommand{\Mypm}{\mathbin{\tikz [x=1.4ex,y=1.4ex,line width=.1ex] \draw (0.0,0) -- (1.0,0) (0.5,0.08) -- (0.5,0.92) (0.0,0.5) -- (1.0,0.5);}}%

  x \pm f \Mypm y

Best Answer

$a+b\mypm c X_{\mypm_{\mypm}}(\mypm)$

I'd never recommend this, however. There's a reason why the \pm symbol sits on the baseline, rather than be centered to the axis, which makes it difficult to split the two parts. In any case, use "plus or minus" very sparingly other than for denoting error intervals, as it's generally very ambiguous.

enter image description here

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