[Physics] what is QCD Background


I am looking at some papers in particle physics and came across 2 terms called QCD Background and ABCD method (control region and signal region). When I searched them on Google, could not get much information about them. Could someone either of those terms in a simple way for a non-physicist?

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In simple terms QCD as a "background" usually refers to LHC research where hadronic jets create a lot of particles that clutter up the results you're trying to see. I think it has become a slang term and the use is discouraged.

ABCD method is a tool used to separate the particles of interest (signal) from the "other stuff" (background) made by the jets. It is a set of boundaries that relies on the fact that you have two independent distributions to distinguish between signal and background. See section 5.3 here http://dare.uva.nl/document/221955

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