[Physics] What does the unit “kcal/mol” mean


I recently encountered units of energy written as $“\mathrm{kJ}/\mathrm{mol}"$ or $“ \mathrm{kcal} / \mathrm{mol} "$. I'm aware of the meanings of $“ \mathrm{kJ} "$ and $“ \mathrm{mol} " , $ however, I don't understand what they mean when put together like this.


  1. How does the qualifier $“ / \mathrm{mol} "$ modify the meaning of a unit of energy like $\mathrm{kJ}$ or $\mathrm{kcal}$?

  2. Can $\mathrm{kJ}/\mathrm{mol}$ or $\mathrm{kcal} / \mathrm{mol}$ be converted into $\mathrm{kJ}$ or $\mathrm{kcal}$?

Best Answer

If you have n moles of a substance and it receives Q kJ of heat, how much heat does each mole of the substance receive? What are the units of this?