[Physics] What does the * mean in spherical harmonics


In Jackson's book about classical electrodynamics, this formula comes up:
$$q_{lm} = \int \mathrm d^3 x' \, Y^*_{lm}\left(\theta', \phi'\right) r'^l \rho\left(\vec x'\right)$$

What does that $^*$ mean?

Best Answer

The superscript $*$ is a common notation for complex conjugate. Going back to check, (3.53) in the blue English edition states $$Y_{l,m} = \sqrt{\frac{2l+1}{4\pi}\frac{(l-m)!}{(l+m)!}}P^m_l(\cos\theta)e^{im\phi}$$ which is followed by (3.54) $$Y_{l,-m}(\theta,\phi) = (-1)^m Y^*_{l,m}(\theta,\phi),$$ making is clear that it has to be complex conjugation.

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