[Physics] Tension as a function of distance from the centre of a rod AB rotating about its end A


My confusion is-

1) While taking limits, tension at end B of rod is taken 0, The function comes showing maximum Tension at end A.

But it seems to me that that at end A, T must be 0 as x=0 and at end B it must be max.

Best Answer

The tension force at any point in the rod provides the force that keeps the parts of the rod further from the centre of rotation moving in a circle. For points closer to the centre there is more mass to swing around i.e. a larger centripetal force is required, so the tension is larger.

I'm assuming your thinking of a rod rotating in a horizontal plane. In a vertical plane the tension will be more when B is below A and less when is above. You could even get compression in the rod if it's rotating slowly enough.

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