[Physics] Natural unit conversions within HEP

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In HEP, with the $$\hbar = c = 1 \;.$$ We have $$\hbar c = 200 \;\mathrm{MeV \cdot fm}$$

1 second is equivalent to $10^{-25}$ GeV. How these relations are used to convert seconds to GeV, GeV to seconds.

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In natural units, seconds and gigaelectronvolts (i.e., time and energy) are inversely related. You cannot convert GeV to seconds, but you can convert GeV$^{-1}$ to seconds.

The value of the reduced Planck constant is

$$\hbar=1.055\times 10^{-34}\text{ J}\cdot\text{s}=6.582\times 10^{-25}\text{ GeV}\cdot\text{s}.$$

If you use units where it is $1$, then you are taking

$$1\text{ GeV}^{-1}=6.582\times 10^{-25}\text{ s}.$$

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