[Physics] Mnemonics for remembering physical data


Anyone have good mnemonics for remembering standard packets of data in physics?
Any field within physics would be welcomed. Examples of such "packets":

  • data in the standard model of particle physics

  • charges/masses of common subatomic particles and light atoms

  • cosmological data — numbers, masses, luminosities
    (I recall "Oh Be A Fine Girl/Guy Kiss Me Right Now Smack" for star types)

  • thermodynamics

  • material properties
    (I note also Mnemonics to remember various properties of materials)

Best Answer

well everyone at least knows a mnemonic for the planets in the solar system. "My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas"


also to remember where the minus sign goes in $\sigma_2$ of the Pauli Matrices I learned:

"the minus i rides high on the sigma y"


also found this list of some mnemonics


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