[Physics] Is this incredible microscope technology real?


I recall reading about the relatively old invention of a microscope-like device; apparently able to zoom much further (and with greater clarity) than more "advanced" modern technology.

I don't recall the name of the device or who invented it. I don't actually know much about it at all. All I have are a couple of incredible black and white images which, I'm told, were published in an old (1950's or 1960's; I think..) issue of National Geographic magazine.

Is this technology real?
Or was it some kind of hoax?
If it is real, why don't we use it today?

Any additional information is welcome and much appreciated. Thank you.

Science and Mechanics (January 1964) ~
"First Photos of the Atom!" by David Legerman
Remarkable image of an Iron atom

Extraordinary Science (Jan/Feb/Mar 1991) ~
"Applications of Scalar Technology: The Liatronics Microscope" By Dr Henry C. Monteith
Remarkable sub-atomic photography

I'm not sure if the following images are actually related; but I found them bundled together with the first two. I have included them just in case.


Best Answer

Hoax. Let's read the caption of the picture:

Note "energy lines" extending from atoms' nuclei

...energy lines? Does that sound serious to you?

Ok, let's do an internet search (Elmer Nemes microscope). The first result is this page.

The inventor of the Nemescope was a brilliant brain surgeon. His name was Elmer P. Nemes and he ran the Nemes Research Laboratories, 4207 West Third Street, Los Angeles, California during the middle 1950's.

Brain surgeon? Must have had a really good formation in experimental physics too.

His invention, the Nemescope, which we are detailing on these pages in an effort to entice others to recreate this vitally important work, was stolen from a store called the Bryn Camera Shop on Melrose Avenue in 1957, ending a remarkable series of experiments and demonstrations. The device was in the shop to have an electric field finder installed.

Stolen? Sounds fishy. But let's take a look at the of the website...


Aether? Alchemy? Anti-G? Well, sure we can trust these guys!

Notice: no trace of the Nemescope or of Elmer Nemes in serious websites.

If you are interested in actual image of atomic structure, you could read this. This is how real atomic resolution looks like:enter image description here

And this was obtained in 2000 using an AFM. Seems rather impossible that an even better technology was available in 1964.

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