[Physics] Is the fifth dimension of Interstellar the same as Block Universe theory?


Is the movie Interstellar (2014) referring to Block Universe theory of space-time with its concept of a fifth dimension?

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Kip Thorne addresses this in his book The Science of Instellar. The fifth dimension is a fourth spatial dimension i.e. in Interstellar the universe has four dimensions of space and one time dimension.

This is unrelated to the idea of the block universe.

As you'd expect given Kip Thorne's background, there is theoretical support for a fifth dimension, and indeed several extra dimensions, but note that at present there is no experimental evidence for any extra dimensions - their existance is purely in the fevered minds of theoreticians. String theory requires nine spatial dimensions to work (plus one time dimension), so if string theory is correct there will be fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, nineth and tenth dimensions as well as the four we are familar with.

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